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U.S. Carbine Caliber .30
Model M1

    Number of Parts*
Early: 56-58
Late: 55-56
    Barrel Length
    Sight Radius
21.5" @ 100 yards
    Overall Length
5.5 lbs
    Trigger Pull
4.5-7 lbs
    Stock Material
walnut, some birch, a few cherry
*number of parts varied as minor changes were implemented and do not include a
complete breakdown of the rear sight and barrel band
Data extracted from
TM 9-1276 Cal. .30 Carbines M1, M1A1, M2, M3, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953
(paragraph 6, pages 8 & 9)

Production started in 1942 with Inland in June and Winchester in September. Underwood and Rock-Ola began production by November. The remaining manufacturers started production in 1943. Production ended for all but Winchester and Inland by mid 1944, with Inland and Winchester ceasing final production in August 1945.

U.S. .30 Caliber Carbine Model M1

The Basic Field Manual for the U.S. .30 Caliber Carbine (M1, M1A1, and eventually M2) was FM 23-7 (1942, 1944, 1952). The U.S. Army Ordnance Training Manual for ordnance personnel servicing these carbines was TM 9-1276 (1947, 1953).

With the Model M1 being the primary model all carbines were based on and the subject of most of this website it's history will be covered throughout the website.

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