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Just joined and CPM issued Carbine in 2008

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Topic: Just joined and CPM issued Carbine in 2008
Posted By: HDJKSTR M1
Subject: Just joined and CPM issued Carbine in 2008
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 3:14pm
Thanks for letting me join ! I just rec’d my first CMP M1 Carbine from GunBroker buy! Your thoughts ?
An Inland 705682 serial with Inland 8/43 barrel that is in very good condition by looks and bore wear of less than 1.5 !
I have a SI marked receiver that jives with the serial. The 8/43 is believed to be original and the stock with IO in sling cut.
Adj sights , bayonet mount, 4 rivet top guard, lever saftey. I learn are what CMP replaced . AAM stamped on left stock above trigger area. P on stock too. Seems like all parts are Inland . 
Is the date of barrel and serial with SI receiver a match as original barrel .The seller says no sign of removal of barrel from gun… thinking it’s the original . 
One II in circle mag in real nice shape. He never shot it ! 
Thoughts on me wanting to or not . Wood is used looking for sure ! What are good 15 round mags to use at range if I shoot this baby ? I’ll try to post a few pictures thanks . 


Posted By: Matt_X
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 4:30pm
Welcome to the club.

An Inland 705682 serial with Inland 8/43 barrel.
Yes that serial number is correct for an Inland receiver." rel="nofollow -

Going by the table in Ruth & Duff, that barrel could have been the one installed at the factory.
Others may be able to point to more specific date info, but that may be as good as we have available.

 that is in very good condition by looks and bore wear of less than 1.5 !
Muzzle wear of less than 2 is very good.

IO in the sling  well is Overton for Inland.  AAM is the rebuild stamp.  There's no way to be sure if the stock and carbine were together at that time but its possible." rel="nofollow -
 The P on the stock could be from rebuild, or from production.   Examples of both shown here" rel="nofollow -

One II in circle mag in real nice shape. He never shot it !
International Silver for Inland
This table is pretty good.  A few corrections have been figured out since it was posted." rel="nofollow -

Thoughts on me wanting to or not .
Sure. Why not?  I'd expect a CMP to headspace well and in general be fine.
The abbreviated FM 23-7 has the field stripping, cleaning, and lubricating info.  I can't recall if that printing has the training to shoot.  Only change I would suggest is if it fails to fire, misfeeds, etc., don't force anything.  This isn't a combat situation.  Take your time, treat it nice and observe what didn't work, clear it, and write it down. 

Wood is used looking for sure !
looks OK in the photos.  As long as there are no cracks, and the recoil plate is snug, should be fine.

The gun is light for the trigger pull and cartridge compared to a Garand or '03 or 1917. 

What are good 15 round mags to use at range if I shoot this baby ?
 That one should be fine unless the lips got damaged or the spring put in backwards, etc.  

Posted By: W5USMC
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 4:41pm
Jake, welcome to the forum. Good looking CMP Inland. 

Originally posted by HDJKSTR M1 HDJKSTR M1 wrote:

Adj sights , bayonet mount, 4 rivet top guard, lever saftey. I learn are what CMP replaced.
These parts would have been replaced when the carbine went through a rebuild and were not added by the CMP.

As Matt said Shoot it!

USMC Retired
NRA Life Member

Posted By: HDJKSTR M1
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 6:07pm
Matt thanks for all the thorough replies and thoughts of my new adventure. I appreciate it and sounds great ! I’ll read a bit more on maintaining it and shoot it. I’m super familiar with semi auto pistols for years but never had an M1 Carbine . Thanks,


Posted By: HDJKSTR M1
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 6:10pm
Thanks for the reply, welcome and suggestion to shoot it 👍🏻🇺🇸🥇
Best regards, Jake 


Posted By: Matt_X
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 8:19pm
I think you'll be fine with the carbine. 
I just checked my copy of that FM printing and it ends before the sighting dope etc.

The sighting is with the top of the front post centered in the peep sight.
In production, the sights were set so when centered on the target at 150 yards, it would hit center of target.  Instruction was to use 6'oclock hold on the 100 yard bulleseye (which was 10" diameter) and the shots should be pretty close to center. 
6'o'clock hold is same sight picture but the point of aim is the bottom of the bullseye.  You've probably encountered that in pistol shooting.

Whether the front sight hight was corrected to do the same with the adjustable sight, you'll have to find out. 

If you find the groups are low, easiest thing is to adjust the rear sight up to the 200 mark.

Posted By: HDJKSTR M1
Date Posted: Mar 26 2023 at 8:27pm
great info for me to save a lot of hassle. 
Thanks Matt


Posted By: painter777
Date Posted: Mar 27 2023 at 11:29pm
Welcome and congrats on your carbine.
Couple things- to install a Bayo band the front site has to be R and R'd. Sometimes the original was put back on, sometimes a replacement.
Is your Front sight marked?
CMP wasn't concerned about putting matching makers parts in these. Some buyers who often planned to sell later are known to replace parts to make it appear nearly as issued or as possible for obvious reasons $.
Have you figured out who made your SI receiver yet?
IIRC Newsletter 346 covers Inlands first serial numbers block. It's a masterpiece IMO put together by Chris Albright. *** Someone correct me if I have the wrong issue here please*** Get yourself a copy of that issue to start with, follow the links here to find it.

GI mags work the best, but search here others have found other commercial mags that work well for them. Plenty of info on mags to stay away from. New GI spec springs are a carbines best friend. That carbine may be way over due, in time it will need them. Especially a new Op Spring.

Don't be afraid to post many pictures. Detailed pics help us help you and others. Before shooting I'd soak and rinse my bolt in Hoppes #9. After the carbine gets a full deep cleaning be sure to lightly grease the Op Slide rails and where the Bolt Lugs ride and rotate. I like to rub 1 light drop of oil by finger on the feed ramp, leaving just a light shine (Just a old habit on Semi-Auto's).

Lastly- Did it come with a Oiler and Sling? Watch out for Fake C tip slings!! Try to list your parts and markings. Seen a Data Sheet Yet? It will really help you get familiar with the types of parts used.

Again Welcome Handshake


Living Free because of those that serve.....

Posted By: HDJKSTR M1
Date Posted: Mar 28 2023 at 5:37am
thanks much Charlie . Front sight N on it . It has been cleaned up real good , and I had it apart to make sure. No oiler or sling , I’ll watch for fakes. SI was Saginaw issued to Inland they say. Again thanks for info.


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