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Once fired brass

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Printed Date: Sep 23 2023 at 8:03pm
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Topic: Once fired brass
Posted By: David Milisock
Subject: Once fired brass
Date Posted: Jan 21 2023 at 3:23pm
Ok here I am loading up a bunch of mixed brass 30 carbine, all once fired by me. Head stamps, FC, WW, R-P PPU and PMC.  The gist of this is that I'm reloading for about 25% the cost of new cartridges, for a fun carbine keeping 200 yard prone hits on 9" paper plates, most in the 6" center, having fun with my children and grandchildren, not winning bench rest matches.

I measured up a handful of each type and while none were too long they varied too much to make seating, removing the bell for reliable functionality possible, in my opinion.

Now here's the process, after measuring 30 of the unsized cases I picked the shortest to trim to. That was 1.266" which is .014" under minimum. Out of 387 cases about 10% of all but one type would not completely true up at that length, it was 20% of the other type. Meaning that the trimmed edge of those were not completely cleaned up. I use an RCBS Pro Trim which I like it only runs about 80 RPM and the case length variations are very small.

I use a carbide die set by RCBS, I keep my hands gooey with Unique case lube anyway. After sizing they measured 1.280 to 1.28, I kept the one that couldn't be trued up separate but I'll load them anyway.

I guess they all cut them as short as possible to save money!" rel="nofollow - Reply" rel="nofollow - Report" rel="nofollow - Edit" rel="nofollow - Delete

David Milisock

Posted By: 35 Whelen
Date Posted: Jan 22 2023 at 11:19pm
I'm not sure I'm understanding your post, but I'll try.

 Are you saying the brass is too long/too short, or the completed cartridges?

 I never measure unsized brass because the length will almost always change when the brass is sized. I size a large batch of brass and run every one of them through my Forster case trimmer which is set to trim to 1.280". Cases that don't get trimmed go straight into the vibratory cleaner and those that are trimmed are inside/outside reamed then thrown into the vibratory cleaner.

 I also use an RCBS carbide sizing die and Unique case lube except in the case of large batches I use MidSouth spray case lube.

Posted By: David Milisock
Date Posted: Jan 23 2023 at 4:53am
There were several lots and they were all over the place, 10% to 15% of the shortest even when trimmed under size would not properly true up they were trimmed to 1.266" which is .014" short of the minimumtrim size. Some 1/3 to 1/2 of the case mouth would not have been touched by the trimmer blade.

None of them were at maximum but the length varied from 1.278" down to 1.266", that's .017" variance this would have made a getting the case bell removed with good neck tension impossible.

I've been loading years and I've never seen any once fired brass be short for a 30 Carbine. I rarely ever see it over sized either.

Now once the trimmed cases were sized it all came back to 1.280" to 1.282" so seating with be fine.

David Milisock

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