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Collector Grade Books Signed LR Collection

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Topic: Collector Grade Books Signed LR Collection
Posted By: New2brass
Subject: Collector Grade Books Signed LR Collection
Date Posted: Dec 08 2022 at 7:47pm

Larry also had a sizable library of books that the family is tasked with disposition, I had noticed the Collector Grade books and there was more value to them and offered to help with these few books. What I did not know is that Larry had also helped other authors as well as co-authoring, to a smaller degree, some of the non M1 carbine books.

The prices are a guided baseline. If more than one offer comes in it will go to the best offer. All books will come with a Certificate of Authenticity by Larry’s Estate.

Most of them are inscribed to Larry and signed by the author, co-author, or publisher.

First, we have "Thompson: The American Legend" Tracie L. Hill. Copy 6 of the Special Authors Edition. Signed by Tracie L. Hill and 12 others which include Larry’s signature. $350" rel="nofollow">IMG_6794.JPG" rel="nofollow">IMG_6797.JPG" rel="nofollow">IMG_6798.JPG



The Grand Old Lady of No Mans Land by Dolf L. Goldsmith. Inscribed to Larry by Dolf. $SOLD Old Doug." rel="nofollow">IMG_6844.JPG


The Devils Paintbrush by Dolf L. Goldsmith inscribed to Larry. $200" rel="nofollow">IMG_6841.JPG" rel="nofollow">IMG_6842.JPG


The Black Rifle. M16 Retrospective by R. Blake Stevens and Edward C. Ezell. Enscribed by R. Blake Stevens to Larry.$200" rel="nofollow">IMG_6838.JPG" rel="nofollow">IMG_6839.JPG


The Ultimate Thompson Book by Tracie L. Hill. Tracie Hill thanks Larry for all his help.

Larry contributed the section on considerable Auto-Ordnance involvement of the Light Rifle and carbine programs during WW2. $300

This book also has other notable authors contributions. 😉" rel="nofollow">IMG_6802.JPG" rel="nofollow">IMG_6803.JPG


More to follow

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Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Dec 20 2022 at 5:51pm
I will be getting to the less pricey carbine books to list at auction.
Many of the "Books" from the following page are in his collection." rel="nofollow -

If there is something you are interested in please ask.
There are also may other non carbines books that Larry had in his library. Several that he contributed to.
Books on the Garand, some Springfield.
A few books on Winchester in general.
Several of the Kuhnausen shop manuals. The US 1911, The 30 Caliber Service Rifles.

There a few Duff books that are signed to Larry. Larry and Scott were close friends.

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Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Dec 21 2022 at 12:16am
Here is the first box of the books I mentioned.
Most of these books are out of print, and the going prices seem to be climbing.
I was very surprised to see what the Harrison books are selling for!
To add to that, several of these are signed by the author to Larry.

If you are interested in anything please let me know and I can provide pictures.

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Posted By: Marty Black
Date Posted: Dec 21 2022 at 7:03pm
In regards to New2brass's post "Here is the first box of books I mentioned," scroll down until you see two softbound booklets - one in blue, one in beige - entitled "Guide to Collecting the M1 Carbine," by Robert Gibson.

From a purely historical (for me, very sentimental) standpoint, this is THE booklet to have if you are interested in the history of collecting the carbine. This booklet was published in 1976, before the Carbine Club existed, and before Larry Ruth - or anyone else for that matter - had written a book about collecting carbines. Except for small articles in the NRA's "American Rifleman" magazine, we had nothing to help us understand the carbine and guide us in carbine collecting.

Robert Gibson was the first to give carbine enthusiasts something factual to sink our teeth into. It is 62 pages long, and I still refer to my copy from time to time. It is dog-eared and full of handwritten notes that I scribbled in the margins. But I love it and respect Mr. Gibson for writing such an interesting and informative guide by himself so early on.

Robert Gibson was the first carbine collector author/pioneer, whom no one has ever heard of! :-)

PS: Dan Pinto has reminded me that Paul Wahl wrote the first civilian carbine manual/guide in 1964, but as I remember, it wasn't geared toward collectors. I discarded my copy, but carried my Gibson book to every gun show.

Regards, mb

Marty Black

Posted By: Old Doug
Date Posted: Dec 24 2022 at 5:10pm
Dan and Marty,

Sirs, I have been in touch with Jim M re: Item 55 1907 Win SL and have forwarded my check, C&R and letter to Mrs. R.  

I would like to purchase the Grand Old Lady of No Mans Land by Dolf Goldsmith.  Please advise where to send $.  You may PM me or send email.  Thank you.

Blessings to all on Christmas Eve,

Old Doug

*edit* personal info removed

America needs God, Guts and Guns!!!

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Dec 24 2022 at 5:31pm
Old Doug,
I have your info, Just waiting for the shipping costs. I will email you once we have that information.
Best, Dan

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Posted By: Marty Black
Date Posted: Dec 24 2022 at 7:53pm
Glad you got that rifle, Old Doug! I admired it when I was at Larry's house last month. That's a beauty - a real piece of history! Enjoy it!

Regards, Marty Black

Marty Black

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