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Anyone try an Auto Ordance recoil spring in GI?

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Topic: Anyone try an Auto Ordance recoil spring in GI?
Posted By: Aggie94
Subject: Anyone try an Auto Ordance recoil spring in GI?
Date Posted: Sep 07 2022 at 7:30pm
Forgive me if this topic has come up before, shot an IBM carbine today that seems like could use a new recoil spring. Checked Midway and they had an AO recoil spring with no reviews, small print said made for AO carbine only but thought about trying it a GI model,was curious if anyone already had?

Posted By: floydthecat
Date Posted: Sep 07 2022 at 7:52pm
More than likely a run-of-the-mil commercial spring, which usually works. It might be helpful to explain why the carbine “seems” to need a new spring?

Posted By: Aggie94
Date Posted: Sep 07 2022 at 11:26pm
Good point floyd! Made up some new reloads using the Rocky Mountain 110gr fmj, while shooting twice only got a click instead of a bang. Turned out those 2 needed a little more push on the charging handle to get fully chambered. That's why I thought a new recoil spring may help

Posted By: Liberium
Date Posted: Sep 08 2022 at 3:15am
or it could be the casing was just a but too long

1944 national postal meter .30M1
KNSA (Dutch NRA) Member

Posted By: floydthecat
Date Posted: Sep 08 2022 at 5:02am
A stronger spring might very well solve the problem, but run some commercial loads and see if the problem persist. Like mentioned, a out-of-spec reload will cause the same problem. A carbon or unfired powder fouled chamber might be enough to cause issues, especially on a tight chamber. I will occasionally have the issue with reloads. “Plunk test” your reloads to see if they chamber and extract by hand. A fresh spring might very well correct it, but won’t hurt to check the ammo and scrub the chamber. Dies do vary and wear out. Long brass can sneak in as well. Accurately measuring head space never hurts either. A tight action is more prone to chambering issues. Those commercial springs will usually work, if the carbine is in good working order.

A properly running USGI carbine should not fire on a partially seated round, but it very well might fire on a round “almost” fully seated, which can result in a cracked bolt, or worse. I don’t mind my actions on shooters being a little loose, which is a bit more forgiving about what you feed it.

Posted By: David Milisock
Date Posted: Sep 08 2022 at 9:22am
Originally posted by Liberium Liberium wrote:

or it could be the casing was just a but too long
You're getting great information.  I'd add this, the press should have a touch of camming action when you pull it down to size, (it should strike the shell holder and go a very small amount farther to remove play in the holder and press) mine actually make a slight click. Check the case length.

Are you using carbide dies? I do and I want the case extra clean, I tumble my 30 Carbine for 3 or more hours.

David Milisock

Posted By: Aggie94
Date Posted: Sep 09 2022 at 12:19am
All good suggestions! I had just trimmed these so shouldn't be an issue with case length, I don't clean the chamber too often so that could be an issue. Yes use Lee carbide dies, wouldn't hurt to tumble the cases a little longer than I usually do.

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