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New Member from GA

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Topic: New Member from GA
Posted By: joeldworkin307
Subject: New Member from GA
Date Posted: Oct 11 2021 at 8:10am

Hey all. Just joined from GA after using the info from the collector club to pick up a pair of Commercial Carbines: one Iver Johnson M1 and one AMAC Enforcer. I'll post pictures of them later. Anyway, thanks for being here and compiling all this information.

Posted By: Bigheavy31
Date Posted: Oct 11 2021 at 8:49am
welcome to the forum from NC. Lots of great info housed here! Will be looking for the pics.

Posted By: joeldworkin307
Date Posted: Oct 11 2021 at 6:14pm
Images are too big to upload so here's an Imgur link:" rel="nofollow - . Reason I decided to post here is that I have an AMAC Enforcer with the serial Number EF 00331, which is lower than the earliest known one from the website. Hoping people here can shed some light on that.

Posted By: W5USMC
Date Posted: Oct 11 2021 at 7:35pm
@joeldworkin307. pictures added to your original post. When posting pictures, open picture on your computer with "paint" resize pixels to 720 horizontal." rel="nofollow - Pictures Tips, Sizing and Posting. Avatars - The Carbine Collector's Club - Page 1 (

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Posted By: Donnie
Date Posted: Oct 12 2021 at 5:29am
OP, welcome to the forum! You have some interesting carbines. There is much one can learn here. I learn something new all the time. The  experienced and knowledgeable folks are very helpful.

Posted By: Beezer
Date Posted: Oct 12 2021 at 7:47am
Welcome to the forum from Cleveland OH.  Ask as many questions as you feel you need.  The guys here are helpful and have a lot of knowledge.  

Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Oct 13 2021 at 8:24am

Welcome aboard.

Thanks for sharing your info. I don't get around to updating the pages as often as I would like (or should) due to the research and work involved with the website. So many to do and not enough time to do them all. But I'm going to update the AMAC page later today. Nothing major, just a few minor updates.

The history of the Enforcer carbines can get a little confusing due to the changes in owners and different company names they used.

The "Enforcer" carbine was started by Universal Firearms about 1964/65 with production continued thru 1985. The serial number alone does not identify the receiver as one used on their Enforcer model. Serial numbers were the same format and in sequence with the serial numbers used on almost all of their carbines (s/n's 2054 - 488363).


Universal Firearms Enforcer 1964/65-1967

Universal Firearms Enforcer 1964/65-1967

All Universal Enforcers 1967 and later have the Universal Firearms hybrid carbine design (s/n 100,00 and up) with the twin recoil springs and open cam cut in the slide. Very different from the Plainfield/AMAC/Iver Johnson Enforcers.

Universal Firearms Enforcer 1967-1968

Universal Firearms Enforcer 1967-1968

Universal Firearms Enforcer 1967-1968

The 1968 Gun Control Act required all handguns to be identified as such but not how. Universal did this by addng the name "ENFORCER" to the top of the receiver.

In 1977 Louis Imperato bought Plainfield Machine in Middlesex, NJ. For the first 6-9 months he continued using the Plainfield Machine name. During this time he added an Enforcer model to their carbine lineup.

Plainfield Machine Enforcer

During 1978 Imperato changed the company name to Iver Johnson's Arms. Operations remained in the same location. The Enforcer became the "Super Enforcer". 1978-1982 the Enforcer stock was slightly changed along with the barrel length.

Iver Johnson's Arms Super Enforcer circa 1978

Stainless Steel version

About 1982/83 Imperato sold "Iver Johnson's Arms" in New Jersey to a group of investors in Arkansas. They moved the company and everything left in NJ to Jacksonville, AR. Their carbines, ads, and catalogs became a mixture of what was done in NJ and what was changed after the move to AR.

This AR group didn't make their own receivers. They used receivers in various stages of completion left over from New Jersey and receivers manufactured by Universal Firearms. Which they also bought but left in Hialeah, FL until 1985.

When I initially authored this post I indicated "All" of the Enforcers I've seen that were assembled by the group in Jacksonville 1983-1985 have had receivers left over from NJ. I found a few pics of one of the Enforcers during this time that was assembled using a Universal Firearms receiver. All parts, the serial number, and all markings but one are the same as the Enforcers built with Iver Johnson receivers. The one difference is the top of the receiver forward of the bolt is marked "CARBINE" over "CAL. 30". No U.S., no M1.

Iver Johnson's Arms, Jacksonville, AR - EAA prefix serial number
Receiver manufactured in Middlesex, NJ with AA prefix, repurposed to EAA for use on the Enforcer

Iver Johnson's Arms, Jacksonville, AR - EF prefix serial number (last digit obliterated)

Things changed again, in early 1987 when Imperato reacquired Iver Johnson. He used new receivers cast from a different mold than those prior. He switched the name to AMAC then back to Iver Johnson.

AMAC Enforcer
(thanks for sharing the pics, other AMAC Enforcer pics I have the Enforcers were modified in various ways)

Below is the serial number breakdown for Plainfield/Iver Johnson/AMAC Enforcers I've seen.

Plainfield Machine - Middlesex, NJ (Imperato)
    PP00167 - PP00596

Iver Johnson Arms - Middlesex, NJ (Imperato)
    BA006xx - BA05567 (Blued steel)
    BS00012 - BS00306 (Stainless)

Iver Johnson Arms - Jacksonville, NJ (ARK investors)
    BA05708 (only one seen)
    EAA62746 - EAA63659 (AA prefix receivers made in NJ repurposed for Enforcers and not completely sequential)
    EE00065 (only one seen)
    EF000xx - EF00180

AMAC (Imperato)
    EF00331 -EF00535

Iver Johnson Arms - Jacksonville, NJ (Imperato)
    EF00601 - EF00754

In 1985 the Arkansas investment group closed the Universal Firearms facility in Hialeah, FL. Everything was moved to their Iver Johnson's Arms Jacksonville, AR facility. They advertised the Universal Firearms Enforcer as one of the carbines they offered but all they sold had the Universal Firearms Enforcer markings. These were leftovers as Enforcer production had stopped when the Hialeah facility was closed.

Universal Firearms Enforcer 1968-1985
Offered in blued steel, nickel plated, and gold plated

Universal Firearms Enforcer 1968-1985

This isn't a complete breakdown of variations, markings and locations. Just an overall review.

Hope this makes sense.


Posted By: Smokpole
Date Posted: Oct 13 2021 at 8:47pm
Looks like a fairly comprehensive review to me Jim. Nice work!

OGCA Life member
NRA Life member
Ashtabula Rod and Gun Life member

Posted By: tenOCEE
Date Posted: Oct 14 2021 at 8:27pm
Quote All Universal Enforcers 1967 and later have the Universal Firearms hybrid carbine design (s/n 100,00 and up) with the twin recoil springs and open cam cut in the slide. Very different from the Plainfield/AMAC/Iver Johnson Enforcers.

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: Sep 25 2023 at 5:56pm
Hello, I'm not a member but I have a Plainfield Machine Enforcer with a higher serial number than any references I've been able to find. My gun's serial number is PP00644. Does anyone here have information about this gun?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Vinny

Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Sep 25 2023 at 7:18pm
Hi Vinny,

I'm the researcher and author of the Plainfield and Iver Johnson web pages. I have no info specific to your Enforcer but do have general info about when it was made.

Enforcers with the Plainfield name were only manufactured in 1977 and 1978. Iver Johnson took over the Plainfield operations sometime in 1978.

BATF's annual manufacture reports indicate Plainfield made 246 in 1977 and 257 in 1978 for a total of 503. Obviously we've seen s/n's higher than that 503.

I think Iver Johnson probably completed Plainfield marked Enforcer receivers in various stages of production. Iver Johnson reported 563 Enforcers manufactured in 1978.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: Sep 25 2023 at 10:41pm
Thank you Jim for the info, I had also sent a note to the administrator, please disregard that note. Thank you again, Vinny

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