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Neither Bavarian nor Austrian marked, so what?

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Topic: Neither Bavarian nor Austrian marked, so what?
Posted By: roysclockgun
Subject: Neither Bavarian nor Austrian marked, so what?
Date Posted: Jul 02 2019 at 6:18am
The other so called Bavarian carbines that I have, all have markings of the country who had them in their possession. Either Germany or Austria markings are shown.
This most recent "Bavarian Carbine" that I got, only has extra numbers all over, relating to the SN. These numbers are even on the heads of some of the screws and on the side of the flip sight.
Can anyone tell me it this is correct for a lend lease/Bavarian Carbine, or not?
Thank you in advance,
Steven in DeLand, FL


Posted By: BER911
Date Posted: Jul 02 2019 at 7:41am

We have some experts on "Occupation Carbines" here on this site.  Pictures would be helpful to them in determining the history of your carbine.  Also, there is an excellent reference section here also; here is the link:" rel="nofollow -

Semper Fi, Bruce

Posted By: shadycon
Date Posted: Jul 02 2019 at 9:02am
DeLand, Fla; Where is that? Now I remember, I went to Hi School their!!!!Wink

M1's are FUN!!!
TSMG's are more FUN!!!

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jul 02 2019 at 9:14am
Steve, welcome to the forums.
Is there any non number marking such as stag horns?
Not all were marked with an agency. Some had the agency removed. take a good look at the left rail. Is it smooth or like this below?
from our Austrian "Oddities page"" rel="nofollow -

As mentioned not all were marked.
one possibility is the Bundersheer.

Configuration of the M1 Carbines used by the Bundesheer
The Bundesheer did not mark the carbines in any manner that made them identifiable as having been used by their forces. Some of the carbines have "rack" marks, markings placed on the carbine so as to easily identify each carbine when it is in a rifle rack. Some rack marks are stamped on the right side of the buttstock between the slingwell and buttplate. More common are stickers placed somewhere on the stock. Most of these rack marks are numbers, a few of the stickers have surnames.
It appears different units did different things in the way of rack markings." rel="nofollow -

With pictures I am confident we can narrow it down.
You can also look through the "Armory" for similar markings." rel="nofollow -

-------------" rel="nofollow - Club Survey Saginaw Receivers

Posted By: Why Carbines?
Date Posted: Jul 02 2019 at 10:46am
The Bavarian Rural Police would scrub their markings off. In the case of this particular carbine I would know because I asked the person who founded the website on Bavarian carbines and he confirmed it. I am sure that particular site member will chime in at some point and once again confirm.

Finally, it is worth noting that NOT all so called Bavarian carbines were marked the same way every time. What do they say, expect the unexpected?

Posted By: W5USMC
Date Posted: Jul 02 2019 at 12:30pm
Steven, Assuming that we are talking about the QHMC that was sold on GB, the one thing for sure is that you got it for a great price!

USMC Retired
NRA Life Member

Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Aug 12 2019 at 8:03am
Steven (in DeLand, FL),

My apologies for not responding here sooner. I don't monitor the forums as the websites and research require the majority of my time and attention. I try to look in now and then but....

Since you haven't responded to the other posts I'm gonna be brief. If you would still be interested in finding out what you have just indicate so with a new post or via a pm.

The questions posed by New2Brass are the first questions I would ask. It's near impossible to evaluate a carbine and/or its history with additional information.

If might be one of the carbines used by the German Police during the American Occupation of Germany. There were 5 separate sectors in the American Zone with each sector having it's own unique markings specific to that sector mandated by the U.S. Office of Military Government. Within each of the 5 sectors there were multiple police agencies. Some put additional markings on their carbines, some didn't. Some put numbers on the parts some didn't. Which parts they numbered and the numbers they used also varied by agency. OMGUS divided large agencies like the Bavaria Landpolizei (Rural Police) into multiple agencies to downsize their manpower strength. In Bavaria this created 5 separate regions of Landpolizei with each doing or not doing markings or numbers.

Point being, historical details regarding a carbine require a bit more details regarding what you have. The presence of numbers on the parts may or may not be related to one of the U.S. Carbines used during the occupation of Germany. Hoping you'll share more info....


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