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m3 scope spare parts?

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Topic: m3 scope spare parts?
Posted By: M1carvine4me
Subject: m3 scope spare parts?
Date Posted: Jun 10 2019 at 4:24pm
For the m3 (20,000 volt) scope. what mfg would be original installed inside the spare parts box and inside the power supply. I have really only seen Raytheon with the yellow markings, however would Sylvania with green markings or Lansdale also be correct? I have seen all 3 in military contract boxes from 50's to early 70's.

what have you guys seen?

Posted By: sleeplessnashadow
Date Posted: Jun 11 2019 at 11:38am
This is going to leave a few things open to discussion, which I'm hoping will happen. This is what we've learned from reconstructing what was done as there is no original source that indicates these details. Sam Bases had reconstructed what he believed was original and indicated this in his sales fliers. Not all of what follows matches the info by Sam Bases. In part due to info available now that wasn't available to Sam.


A1 - Rectifier Tube
     1X2A by Raytheon

The power pack can use the above, 1X2B or 1X2A/B without regard to who made them. The Raytheon 1X2A was the original.

A2 - Vibrator
     V7601 6 Volts, 115 CPS, Oak Mfg Co.

A3 - Cap-Connector
     31-838 (BNC dust cover/cap without chain)

A4 - Lamp 30 Watt
     G.E. 1045
     G.E. 1077

The GE 1045 lamps were used in the light assemblies of the Snooperscope, Sniperscope, early M2, late M2, and M3 scopes. The GE 1077 was used in the M3 scopes. Long explanation shortened, it appears both were used with the M3 scopes with the possibility the GE 1077 was the intended lamp initially.

A5 - Fuses [& box]
     Littelfuse 3AG 10A 32V (battery)
     Littelfuse 3AG 3A 250V (power pack)

The use of the word "box" instead of "tin" leaves the following as a best guess. We don't know if they used an actual cardboard box or the word was used to indicate the metal tins. The tins were the standard for fuses made by Littelfuse. We've found nothing to indicate how many of each fuse should be in the "box".

The Littelfuse tins for these two different fuses hold 5 fuses each. Those made by Littelfuse during the early 1950's indicate Made in Chicago on the side of the tin. Tins marked Des Plaines, IL came later. The fuse model was normally indicated on the end of the tin. We don't know if Littelfuse or the military left the fuse model off the tins or did something different.

Littelfuse 3AG 10A 32V was part # 311010, eventually shortened to # 311. Littelfuse 3AG 3A 250V was part # 10302, eventually changed # 312. It appears the correct fuses do not have the part number, those were added later. They should indicate Littelfuse with the 3AG, amps and voltage along with U.S.A. Not those eventually made by Littelfuse in Mexico.

A6 - Lamp-Reticle

     6v, No. 328 (original)
     6v, No. 332 (authentic replacement)

A7 - Dessicator (Desiccator)
     Chandler-Evans, W. Hartford, CT

A8 - Funnel
     1 oz white plastic lab funnel

We've seen a few unmarked solid white 1 oz lab funnels in the chests but don't know if they were authentic, military replacements, or civilian owner replacements. One we do know was authentic is marked "Shel-Glo Plastic", circled "K", "Made in U.S.A.", "1 OZ".

These were manufactured by Kilgore Mfg Co., Westerville, OH. Shel-Glo was a trademark of Kilgore used for a line of plastic kitchen utensils of different colors. Including a 1 oz funnel in different colors. Kilgore started the Shel-Glo line in the mid to late 40's. The trademark and all the utensils that had the marking were sold to a competitor in the mid to late 50's. The competitor bought them to eliminate the Shel-Glo name and products, which they did. Kilgore still exists. They make flares and incendiaries. We have more info on Kilgore but for another time.

A9 - Filter
     8247-29-1 & This Side Out on glass (by American Optical)
     G.B. Inc. on metal rim around glass with This Side Out on glass

Both were original to the M3 Sniperscope. I believe the G.B. Inc. filters were sub-contracted by Capehart-Farnsworth for their scopes. We don't know who G.B. Inc. was. Note that this compartment is covered by a slim piece of wood with a screw at either end, adjacent the compartment that holds all the rest indicated above.


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