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Pictures Tips, Sizing and Posting. Avatars

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Topic: Pictures Tips, Sizing and Posting. Avatars
Posted By: New2brass
Subject: Pictures Tips, Sizing and Posting. Avatars
Date Posted: Dec 27 2015 at 10:11pm

NOTE: with the phase out of earlier versions of windows we will be updating the post. Microsoft Paint (vs paint 3D) is available in Win 10 via the search function on the start menu. You may have to select "more apps" and download. Once there Paint will function as per the post below" rel="nofollow - Picture edit/resize on PC with Paint" rel="nofollow - Ipad photo upload instructions

Pictures are a very important part of carbine research.
With todays inexpensive point and shoots you can obtain some very detailed pictures.
What the camera sees and your eye see sometimes are two very different things.
sometimes the camera pics up something that you do not see no matter how hard you stare. Sometimes the camera also creates a ghost image. If in doubt take more! Some cameras take very high resolution pictures which is great as you can reduce the size later. 1024x768 is a good starting size whereas 640x 480 would most likely be too small to start with.

Lighting: ample lighting is key. the more light the faster the camera focuses and takes picture.
Outside on a cloudy day I have gotten some excellent pictures. The clouds disperse the light which prevents annoying shadows.
On a bright day in a lightly shaded area also can produce good pictures.

Artificial light: I have had varied results under shop fluorescents or incandescent lighting or halogens and sometimes odd colors. However photo compact fluorescents can be had relatively inexpensive these days. I picked up 4 for 20 shipped. You can put these in articulating desk lamps or clip on utility reflectors.
I like the articulating desk lamps which I picked up in a second had store. I can play with angles to create or remove shadows. With just 2 you can move them in close for plenty of light.
a step up from there would be a light box or disperser shades. this is nothing more than a white material that scatters the light and makes the light go at many angles. This requires more lights at times.

Shadows: ever go nuts looking at the inside of a slide for a mark? I have pulled the lights up a bit and used a quality LED flashlight at an angle so light goes over surface and created mini shadows that the camera picked up even though flooded with light from above. I found additional marks in a Winchester slide this way that I could not see with naked eye.

Picture composure: try to take the picture as straight on as possible, meaning at right angle. this prevents skewing. If you take the same picture of two similar item at two different angles then compare them it almost becomes impossible at times.

Take many and pictures and keep the best ones to edit.
Editing can be done with Microsoft Paint (already installed on PC) or a free program like Picasa. Some may use Photoshop. If using Photoshop try to flatten or remove layers as this sets off false virus alerts with many scanners.

Editing: The first thing I like to do is straighten a picture with editing software. This is a grid that you rotate so as straight lines of the subject are square with the grid.
Crop the picture next. This is in essence trimming out what is not needed around the subject. This removes a lot of unnecessary size to a picture. This speeds uploading as well as time to load for those looking. Besides the coffee table is not relevant to the picture.
For something that is meant to be viewed in a forum you would now reduce the size of the photo to a range suitable for a post. This is where Paint is very handy. There is a check mark to maintain ratio. You can choose to size by pixels or by percentage. Choose Pixels and resize width to 720 (optimal) or up to 800 (max) . If larger most forums resize it down so it serves no purpose but uses bandwidth and storage space.

Hope that helps and please add anything that helps.

If you are having trouble, please ask! If you like send your pictures to me and I will resize and install them in your file manager.

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Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 1:14am
To Post Pictures you will need to be familiar with your file manager. One of the two will be above the post box
When you click on the little tree picture this will open your file manager
Here you will "first" 'Browse" to where your edited picture from the tutorial in first post is stored on your computer.  it will open a navigation box and you have to direct it to where your pictures are on your computer or device. You will then Click "Upload" which is highlighted as "Second"
This is where people start having an issue.
As a full page might open that is blank or with error as well as a small pop up screen . Close the pop up, then click "back" on your browser. (the software provide is working on this Issue)
You should be back to your file manager.
 You now click on the picture you wish to insert in post then click 'OK' which is "last"
If your picture is larger than the text box find the little resize box to the lower left of screen. click and drag it to inside the text box to continue typing.
You can also pre upload your photos to file manager by going to top of page just under the beautiful carbine displayed and find this
In there you will see a tab "File manager" click on it and you will see what I posted above.
To Post With Pictures Already Uploaded: Click the tree picture. Choose the picture you want  in pop up. The picture will display in preview box. Click OK
Please as always post your tips and tricks below. We all are the club. The club collectively helps all.
if you have a picture in your file manager click on it. in preview section right click then properties a new box will open. Highlight and copy everything starting from "Upload" to the end.(do not include the/ before upload)
Then when you are typing use the IMG  BBcodes which are listed in blue just below every text box. (see pic below) Paste what you copied in between the brackets and then the picture will appear when you 'Preview" or "Submit"
This is very helpful if you are posting multiple pictures. What I do is right click and paste the picture address several times with a line in between, then change the picture name the following ones.  Example below is panel.jpg, panel1.jpg, panel2.jpg

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Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 1:34am
You can also create custom avatars from pictures or in a program such as Microsoft Paint.
the guidelines for an avatar are 63 pixels by 63 pixels. So basically square
Anything other will skew the picture. Anything bigger will mess with mobile settings and removed by the Administrators as it effects other users

Posted By: Scott C.
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 2:38pm
I can not figure out how to reduce the size of my pictures? But, if I email them to my self, I have to select a size. So, I email it to myself reduced, then safe it again in the smaller format. Then I can upload to this sight.

Posted By: m1a1fan
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 6:27pm
I run into problems when pics are too big so I try to size them 400X400.  Some common tools used to resize images are Microsoft Picture manager, Paint, etc...

Try to find a picture editor tool, resize and then use the Insert Image button like described in the first post.

Posted By: Scott C.
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 6:49pm
I figured it out!!! I have to right click on the picture, select edit on the drop down menu. The editor opens up and on the home screen only, you can select resize and another menu box pops up. You can select percentage, or pixels, horizontal and vertical and check or uncheck maintain aspect ratio. It appears that you can enter any size. There is also a section to skew horizontal, or vertical. I have windows 8 updated to 10.

Posted By: weimar_police
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 7:29pm
I think Win8 and 10 have their own picture editing software.

I use the free - gives me a bit of control for some things you don't get with paint

Posted By: Scott C.
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 7:40pm
Windows 8 is really tough to get used to. 10 is a lot better.

Posted By: weimar_police
Date Posted: Jan 10 2016 at 8:57pm
win 8.1 is much better and personally, when I was forced to re-image a new laptop, I chose Win 8.1 and have not upgraded to Win 10...

Posted By: Lupus Dei
Date Posted: Jan 11 2016 at 9:30am
For people looking for a simple easy to use program for photos, for free, have a look at Vueprint." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: aschaefer
Date Posted: Jan 13 2016 at 7:13am
As I could not find a test thread I am using this one to test the inclusion of a picture.

Posted By: Scott C.
Date Posted: Jan 15 2016 at 11:23am
I found out too, that if you delete a picture from your file manager, it deletes it from your posts.  Is that the way it is supposed to work?  If so, as time goes on and you post more pictures, will your file manager get too full to upload any more pictures?  Thus, preventing you from posting new pictures?
Admin Edit: If anyone feels they need more space contact New2Brass, Lupus Dei, Moneawon and they will be able to move pictures to free up you space.
Please do not delete pictures as that may effect older posts which may be useful to others.

Posted By: Lupus Dei
Date Posted: Jan 15 2016 at 11:50am
Originally posted by Scott C. Scott C. wrote:

I found out too, that if you delete a picture from your file manager, it deletes it from your posts.  Is that the way it is supposed to work?  If so, as time goes on and you post more pictures, will your file manager get too full to upload any more pictures?  Thus, preventing you from posting new pictures?
Other sites are having you host a picture elsewhere. If that hosting service changes the link or it expires the thread loses the picture and in many cases makes the thread useless.
Most sites will not manage photos as it is labor intensive.
We have the ability to host our own to a degree. There is a limit to just how much we can store. In turn we limit to the user.
Picture that are to large get reduced within a post, so making them overly large is a just a waist of space.
If you resize your pictures then you should have plenty of space to store pictures.
We are looking into a separate server that integrates the photos to host much more space.

Louis Dey

Posted By: cameleon
Date Posted: Jun 09 2016 at 9:19pm
Well got one pic to work. copy and paste from another forum. See my post under commercial carbines.
Admin Note: though that may work in short term it may cause issues later. Some forum software essentially bans the forum from continued use and brakes the link. Also if that picture is deleted it will no longer be available here.

Posted By: imntxs564
Date Posted: Jun 09 2016 at 10:20pm
Try Using Photo Editor Pro...It's Free and you can do so much to a Picture. It has pic in pic which I like. It also has Several Frames with 2 to 6 empty squares you can post up to 6 pictures in one frame so, if you re-size 6 pictures that are 2 to 3 mb per pictures you make them smaller to 30 or 50 kb you can post all 6 and it will only show the size of the frame. Then when people see it they can click any picture and it will pop open to see it bigger. It's very user friendly as Dan can tell you I couldn't even post 1 pic without his help. Now I can post several in 1 frame or just one picture. VERY USER FRIENDLY.


Posted By: Pattad
Date Posted: Oct 30 2020 at 10:57pm
Dan Pinto, Photo Editor


I have completed the Data Sheets on my Quality Hardware Carbine and took photos of the parts as I filled in the sheets.  I would like to submit these photos along with the Data Sheets to the club.

The photos are high resolution and clear, and cover nearly all the parts illustrated on the Data Form - of course specific to my rifle.  However, there are 70 photos total.  Is this too many to deal with?  I had planned to break them down into groups - Receiver and Barrel, Trigger group, Stock, and Carbine Accessories.

Note:  I did not disassemble the Bolt or the Trigger Housing Assembly.

I know how to attach photos to my regular emails, but not how to handle something like this.  Please advise the best way to do it.  My daughter is computer savvy and uses her I-pad for photo transfers.  She would understand your instructions.

Thank you.

P J Tad

Posted By: 03manV
Date Posted: Oct 31 2020 at 8:33am
70 pictures are way more than most want to see. JMHO.


Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Oct 31 2020 at 11:14am
Pat, send the datasheet only to the datasheet address. I will followup later via email for the pictures.
Best, Dan

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