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For The Record
A Page Dedicated to Preserving the History of US Small Arms Parts Production

Welcome to the inter-net page which shows who (contractor) made what (small arms part) when (date of delivery). 50 years from now very little will exist in original packaging and fraudulent reproductions will be the norm.

Items are listed by the markings on the packages. These may differ with nomenclatures found in military technical documents. Thanks and enjoy.

M1 Rifle - 1950 Through 1959

Item as Marked Contractor/Date Image Remarks
Butt Plate Assys,
Box of Ten
Underwood Corp
Dec 52
Hider, T37 Flash
in Asphaltic Tube
Springfield Armory,
Springfield, Mass.
Jan 59
Hammer Spring Pack of Ten
A L Freedman Co.,
Springfield Mass.
Sep 53
Knob, Windage, RS
Pack of Twenty
Druge Bros. Mfg.,
Oakland, Cal.
Oct 53
Property of John Fisher
Latch, Clip
Pack of Ten
Worcester, Mass.
Jan 54
Lock, Gas Cyl (Flat Edge)
Individual Pack
Acme Machine,
Hingham, Mass.
Apr 56
Orig. Packed with M7A3 Grenade Launcher
Lock, Gas Cyl (Flat Edge)
Individual Pack
Sun Ray Photo Co.,
N.Y., N.Y.
Oct 53
Orig. Packed with M7A3 Grenade Launcher
Rod, Follower Assy
Pack of Twenty
Die-matic Products,
Jamaica, N.Y.
Jun 53
Rod, Follower Assy
Pack of Twenty
Springfield Armory,
Springfield, Mass.
Aug 53
Property of Steven Lipe("leemozoid")
Rod, Follower Assy
Pack of Twenty
Adell Corp.,
Orange, Mass.
Sept 53
WWII BAR Combo Tool,
03A3 Butt Plates for Remington
Rod, Follower Assy
Pack of Twenty
International Harvester Corp.,
Evansville, Indiana
Feb 54
Property of Wayne Bradford
Pack of 100,
WWII Wrap with Ord. Bomb
Springfield Armory,
Springfield, Mass
Apr 44
SA_11/See Note 1 Below;
Property of Barb King "BBKings"
Screw, Butt Plate, Long,
Pack of Twenty
Winchester Repeating Arms,
NH, Ct.
Apr 53
Property of Jeff Carstens, "Bodyman"
Swivel, Stacking,
Tube of Twenty
Springfield Armory,
Springfield, Mass.
Jul 59

Note 1: These were listed because of their scarcity. During WWII small arms parts from contractors were rarely marked with a date. There are a few exceptions, this is one of them. Barb King has found several Springfield Armory items packed this way. Very rare occurrence.

M1 and M14 - 1960 Through 1969

Items with Unique Application are Marked, All Others Interchange with Both Systems

Item as Marked Contractor/Date Image Remarks
Cover (Rear Sight)
Asphaltic Tube of 20
Wyandotte Tool Co.
July 62
Cylinder, Gas
(M14) Pack of two
Mechanical Components Corp,
Glendale, Cal
Nov 69
Extractor, (Late Design)
Pack of 20
Springfield Armory
Jan 65
Developed for use with 7.62mm Ammunition
Knob, Windage
Tube of 20
Bruce Machine & Eng.
Feb 62
Nut, Flash Suppressor,
( M14) Tube of 10
Mar 61
Pin, Spring
(M1 Lower Band Pin), Box of 100
Aircraft Components and Eng.
Feb 60
Pin, Spring
(M14 Bolt Stop Pin), Pack of 100
Jenkintown, Pa.
Plug, Gas Cylinder
(M14) Pack of Five
Nov 60
Plunger (Extractor Spring and Plunger Assy),
Box of 20
Nov 64
Individual Pack
Springfield Armory
March 65
SNL B21 for Garand
Screw, Wood
(M14 upper Butt Screw) Pack of 20
Del-Con Supply
Jan 68
Spring, Helical Compression
(M14 Op Spgs) Pack of 2
Jan 62
Property of Lee Emerson "Different"
Trigger and Sear Assy,
(M14) Pack of 2
March 61
Trigger and Sear Assy,
(M14) Pack of 2
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp
March 62

Some later purchased items do not have a contractor name; yet they can still be identified. By the 1980's many purchases were marked with either a FSCM five digit number or a CAGE number. The FSCM consisted of five numbers and an example is 34895. A CAGE number consisted of numbers and letters in a random mix. An example of a CAGE number is 5JT23.

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