M15 Grenade Launcher Sights

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M15 Grenade Launcher Sights

Contractor Contract Period Identification
Boehm Pressed Steel
Cleveland, Ohio
March 44 thru Oct 44
Pressure Lube Inc.
March 44 thru March 45
Slaymaker Lock Company
Lancaster, Pa.
March 44 thru Oct 44
Sept 44 thru June 45
Feb 45 thru July 45
Western Newell Manufacturing
Freeport, Ill.
March 44 thru Nov 44
Feb 45 thru April 45

Having spoken to several WWII Grenadiers back in the 1980's, very few ever used these sights. That is why so many are available on today's market. Mostly all removed them. The sight has an Ordnance history behind it, but it makes everything a lot more difficult. It was never an option when direct fire was the requirement with Anti Tank Rifle Grenades.

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