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Stock stamp strange to me. Anyone??

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Topic: Stock stamp strange to me. Anyone??
Posted By: colreed
Subject: Stock stamp strange to me. Anyone??
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 2:59pm
In on left side butt, Trimble type III rebuild .U. Stock
Stamp about 1" long overall, letters approx 1/8".

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Posted By: Pro Libertate
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 4:14pm
Can't say I've ever come across anything like that in my travels either. Strange, indeed.

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Posted By: jackp1028
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 5:22pm
This has been kicked around on this forum a couple of times. Check out this earlier thread." rel="nofollow -

I don't think anything definitive has been documented.


Posted By: colreed
Date Posted: Mar 12 2022 at 6:11pm
Thanks, Jack
This is a posting NEW2BRASS made back in Oct 2018. It was part of the thread you just posted for us. Sheds some light on the subject.

"This mornings research:
Nebraska Ordnance Plant in Mead Nebraska produced ordnance. It is a Superfund site, meaning toxic or hazardous cleanup site. In government records the acronym used is NOP
Due to Korea they were producing bombs, missiles, projectiles, rocket motors.
In the 50's and early 60's it was an Atlas Missle Launch site. In 1964 the site was abandoned.
There is some conflicting info that the University of Nebraska bout the land in 1962. I believe this to be just some of the land as the facilities were later purchased for light industry.

Naval Ordnance Plant Macon is also a Superfund site. They also produced munitions, bombs etc.
In some official government records, I see it listed as MNOP. These are not Naval records.
The site was sold in 1973.

I do not see anything that would suggest they were rebuilding carbines. Both can feasibly have the mark shown above.

Both plants clearly would be candidates for military police. My father worked at a missile base as an MP in the late 50's-60's, His weapon was a carbine.

Then there are the "White Bag" carbines that cam in a while ago at the CMP. These carbines were in excellent shape, although very dry. Many of the stocks had crisp CC's. Rebuild marks reported were AA and OG.
Many of the bags were observed with the markings "OSD NORVA"
It was soon determined that this was an acronym for Ordnance Supply Depot Norfolk VA. 

Again this was on the bag, not the carbine. OSD NORVA was probably packaging them, no indication they had anything to do with the rebuild.

So the question is if the NOP-M-62 was a property mark, inspection mark or a rebuild mark.

How did the Navy vs Army mark things if any mark?

Was there a rebuild program post Korea and during or for Vietnam?

This is where I would defer to the Garand guys to see if they have observed the markings."

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Posted By: painter777
Date Posted: Mar 13 2022 at 7:55pm
After the Post WWII Overhaul/Rebuild programs, were any of the Carbines sent to Vietnam or other Foreign aid required to be 'Rebuilt Stamped' ?
None I'm aware of, unless they were included with the Garands that were rebuilt in the 60's as the Vietnam War heated up. I believe most of these Garands were serviced by Tooele, Springfield, Red River and I believe Letterkenny. IIRC these were engraved on the metal or had a hang tag attached.

I'm thinking the NOP-M-6# stands for a Privately owned or Government Facility where it was used for Defense / Security. 

I found a 1960 Navy Dept Identification Guide for Navy Contracting Activities Accounting from 1960.
It has Contract Symbol codes and Abbreviations in it.
Here is the link:" rel="nofollow -

In it I find listings for:

Naval Ordnance Plant......  Louisville, Ky.
Naval Ordnance Plant...... Macon, GA. 
Naval Ordnance Plant......  Forest Park, ILL.
Naval Ordnance Plant......  Pocatello, Idaho.
Naval Ordnance Plant......  York, PA.

Assuming in the NOP-M-6# marking that the M does stand for Macon, GA...
Could it have been used for security at a Facility involved in manufacturing explosives.

Here is their Insignia estimated adopted ~1960:

I earlier found a Google review of- Department of Defense Appropriations for 1960, Hearings before the 86th Congress.
A very long report breaking down costs, percentages, pie charts, proposals and estimates from what was called the Norfolk Overhaul and Research Program. Mainly about needed post Korea War upgrades to the countless different facilities. Not far in to it the name was changed to Norfolk Overhaul Program, since 'The Research' had been completed. Most of the requested funding was given the green light.
In the request for funding, it included costs for the extra civilian security and arms that would be required.

If NOP-M-6# has anything to due with Norfolks Overhaul Program (As far as property security) I can't explain the M.


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Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Mar 14 2022 at 9:24am
When it comes to the Navy we need to learn a little about the nomenclature differences. We recently learned that the battleship naval artillery barrel is called a rifle.

The NOP does seem to fit Naval Ordnance Plant as well as what Charlie presents Norfolk Overhaul Program, but leaves the M in question.

So the question remains if the marking is a property mark, inspection mark or a rebuild mark?

I know we have our share of Navy guys here. Maybe one of them can reach out somewhere to see if we can get to the bottom of this one?

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Posted By: govthr
Date Posted: Jun 08 2023 at 9:51am
I realize this is over a year old but I was continuing my search and found this post. My mother worked at this plant during the 50s and I'm on the search for one of these so it was encouraging to see they are still around!

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jun 08 2023 at 3:36pm
Originally posted by govthr govthr wrote:

I realize this is over a year old but I was continuing my search and found this post. My mother worked at this plant during the 50s and I'm on the search for one of these so it was encouraging to see they are still around!

Are you talking Macron? was you mother their when they did rebuilds? Maybe she has a story to share?

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Posted By: Marty Black
Date Posted: Jun 08 2023 at 10:52pm
I'll see if Jim Adell of the GCA knows anything about the NOP facilities and markings. A retired member of the Navy Rifle Team, he is an expert on the Navy Trophy Rifles (marksmanship awards, mostly Garands). Perhaps he is familiar with NOPs.

Regards, mb

Marty Black

Posted By: govthr
Date Posted: Jun 11 2023 at 10:33am
I wish she would've provided more info about her years there but Mom passed back in 2016. She worked there back in the 50s, in different areas. 

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