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New Stock from Minnelli, Italy

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Topic: New Stock from Minnelli, Italy
Posted By: Anders
Subject: New Stock from Minnelli, Italy
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 2:30am
I just received a beautiful manufactured new walnut Stock set for the M1 Carbine, manufactured by Minnelli in Italy
The joy disappeared when I realized the small curved sheet steel plate, held in place by the four rivets on the Handguard piece, was missing. Never mounted.
All the remaining hardware needed on the Stock I have, but this came as a bad surprise.
Did anybody here face the same problem and how did you solve it?
I have no idea how to find the small curved plate (could ruin an original four-riveted Handguard, but no...rather not!) and in particular the four original rivets. And how to mount that, not to mention!
This old Milsurp Forum thread seems to address the problem:" rel="nofollow -



Posted By: Matt_X
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 10:06am
Numrich, in NY USA  has rivets and liners." rel="nofollow -

Or maybe if you're ordering from them, they have new and used handguards." rel="nofollow -

I've bought the rivets but not needed to use them.  You'll need to find and practice with a buck to set them properly.  Maybe someone else can advise on that.

Posted By: floydthecat
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 10:31am
Particularly on commercial and some foreign made guards, other types of rivets were used. By the time you search out and gather up the rivets and tools, you’d be better off just doing what Matt suggested….get another hand guard. Going to be difficult trying to exactly duplicate what the primes did and make it look right.

Posted By: Anders
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 11:55am
Hello Matt_X;
I sure appreciate you spend your time on helping me in this. To get Handguards from Numrich would be the uncomplicated way out, but I don't think they would fit well and look good on the Minnelli Stock. The Minnelli Stock and Handguard are a perfect manufacture match and the Walnut is a true color match.
Behind your link I found this Handguard Liner for four rivets (my Minnelli Handguard has the four holes for the rivets) but I am uncertain about my choice of rivets to use. I found this....(?)
You have the rivets, you mention, but I understand you found no use for them. Are yours identical to the one on the photo here, or would they be a better match? - if so perhaps I could buy yours (?).

What do you think?- Please send me a PM if you prefer...

Posted By: Matt_X
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 12:49pm
Yes. That's same part number.  If you need measurements or more photos let me know. 

I bought the rivets in case it became neccesary to drill out and replace one or both on a 2 rivet RSG handguard.  However I was able to tighten the original rivets to my satisfaction.

Posted By: Anders
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 2:52pm
Hi Matt_X,
Measurements would be appreciated and a couple of photos of the cap and better the tip of the rivet would be great. I think the tip is partly hollow(?)
If you have no use for yours (4 or more?) I could buy them to ensure I get the correct one.  Numrich sometimes forget to update and you discover you get something quite different.
What do you think...?

Posted By: New2brass
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 4:45pm

If you have an older hardware store you may find they have rivets in the parts bin section.
Spec is a truss head semi tubular steel rivet .101 -.006 diameter shaft by .30 length (under head)
the hole is .073 diameter by .12 deep. those are imperial measurements, so you may have to convert to metric. 
I have seen commercial HG rivets that were brass or aluminum. Some were solid rivets that looked like clipped nail heads.

A piece of steel or even brass could be bent up to make a liner. You will be able to transfer the hole locations if they are not to USGI specifications.

the correct tools will do a great job, but can get costly. In a pinch you can make your own from a steel rod, a nail of the appropriate size or many other items.

You will need an anvil made from rod the size of the hole in the wood. This id to back the rivet so you can set the other side.
Put this in a vice or a bench block if you have it.
Then you need to make a shallow pointed rod to spread the rivet, followed up with a flat rod to cinch the rivet down.

depending on the rivet size I have gotten away with just using a transfer punch to to do it in one shot.

A decent set from a machinist supply is not to expensive. If you have no use for them otherwise you can go real cheap like below" rel="nofollow -

-------------" rel="nofollow - Club Survey Saginaw Receivers

Posted By: Anders
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 9:05pm
This is truly great advice! - In the old days I would have known where to find the items in our local Hardware store. However, it is gone, and todays hardware stores here do not carry anything like this any more. A shame...
But I will try out the parts from Numrich Corp, as Mat_X suggest. 
The punch set sounds like a very useful tool for this purpose. I will check out the various types and then I could possibly get a friend of mine to purchase it for me (will try to see if I can find it online here in DK first).
Let me say, I am most thankful for all the reach out and help I get in our Forum. It is fantastic and beyond my expectation. Thank you, all of you!

Posted By: Matt_X
Date Posted: Jan 20 2022 at 11:24pm
Anders.  I don't know how much the frieght charges are when buying across the Atlantic.
It may be worth your time in finding industrial supply or machine shop supply stores in country, or EU, or maybe even UK.   Only possible issue may be metric vs united system, or with the Brits - who knows since they secretly hang on to their own pints, stones, Whitworth. LOL.

Here in the US, its the same as far as finding something like a half tubular rivet.  When I was in NJ, I would go to Barnett Tool in Kenilworth for fasteners.  Where I am now, its too far so I order from McMaster-Carr, MSC, or even smaller more specialized shops. 
Semi-hollow rivets were used a lot for brake pads and shoes, and to some extent still are.

Here's a website with a bunch of dimensions.

here's a photo of the setting tool tip

from here

On this page you can see both the set and the buck which can be held in a tool so they stay in proper alighnment when tapped with a hammer.  Ot hte back can be held in a piece of flat bar stock." rel="nofollow -

That's propper set, or you do as Dan mentioned and try to get the same result by being creative.

With the deep holes in the handguard, you'll need a custom buck either way you do it.

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